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Scandal TreeBWS

1st June, 2023
Certified Banger!

Scandal Tree is bringing the thunder with BWS.

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It’s the latest from the Brisbane natives who, last year, released the single One Way Road and their debut EP, Layin’ Down Your Cards.

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And it builds on the solid foundation of those releases while adding even more electric melodies. BWS was born out of a jam session, and it truly embodies the joyfulness and authenticity that only comes from a bunch of mates messing around. As a whole, it is bold and brash, wearing its influences on its sleeve proudly. While it nods to the likes of Alice in Chains, Rose Tattoo and Soundgarden, BWS also has a solid Australian edge – a factor that sets the track apart.

BWS guides listeners through a maze of riffs, riffs and more riffs.

Coming in at close to five minutes long, BWS guides listeners through a maze of riffs, riffs and more riffs. The single also celebrates powerhouse vocals, huge singalong moments (BEER, WINE IN HELL!), slick production and a creative, varied structure, leaving absolutely no room for dull points. Ultimately, Scandal Tree has shown the world how this rock thing is done. BWS is a dynamic track that commands attention, and it’s sure to find a place in the heart of any rock fan who likes their tunes on the heavier, grungier side of the spectrum.

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