Redro Redriguez And His Inner DemonsDenim Daddy

July 26, 2018
Fuzzy and furious

The scene is rife with music with socio-political leanings one way or another, but none are more underrated nor so well executed as the topics covered by Melbourne rockers Redro Redriguez And His Inner Demons in their second full-length album, Denim Daddy.

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Masculinity is made magical and acceptable by these underground musos and while its super easy to get lost in their noise, particular attention is owed to their message, too.

RRAHID are cool and hot, fuzzy and furious, tumultuous and soothing all at the same time. Their easy breezy brand of stoner rock isn’t so much stoner as it is sublime, with a seemingly casual execution of great tunes matched up with subject matter at the further end of the serious spectrum.

Denim Daddy has a remarkable ability to point and laugh at things while simultaneously making a valid point.

Though Total Snoozeville croons about people being “as dull as potato salad”, this opener is far from it. The bright taps of percussion support chirpy vocals and lively riffs, while Badass is pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll and definitely a song meant for the live stage.

All up Denim Daddy has a remarkable ability to point and laugh at things while simultaneously making a valid point. Redro and those delightful Inner Demons have mastered the art of balance; a balance between being disgruntled and being creative.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Badass, Deadbeat Dad, Fire Me At The Sun
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