PREMIERE: MINETTA // Drop Eye-Opening Video For ‘&’

Victorian ‘Ninch boys Minetta are gaining themselves a bit of hype around the release of their forthcoming EP, titled Separation & Growth.

Initially, Minetta did it as a labour of love for their music, but with the success of their sold-out launch show, they have encapsulated it into something more.

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Because it has not quite hit the stores yet, let us do you a favour by bringing them and their EP closer to your attention: Minetta are a five-piece band from The Victorian Peninsula who have recently dropped the eye-opening film clip to their new single, & right in front of us.

It’s been playing on triple j’s Short, Fast, Loud and can be viewed online. The song (and film) encapsulates all that we can relate to about regret as it follows the life of a man living in the slum of anything but glamour.

Today’s premiere of their latest single is available for your own viewing of their portrayal showing the protagonist drinking VB’s as he watches his younger self on the screen, where the images flick between the past and the present.

It’s pretty dire but is probably relatable, as at some point during our lives, we’ve all probably wondered where it went wrong—and if it did. As he sips his beer and smokes cigarettes, the man seemingly ponders whether he can change his agency.

Heavy, but honest, the video clip evokes that reality through the airwaves and onto our own screens. Throughout the EP, front-man Ricky McCandlish’s harsh vocals hollow through the reverberation within the three tracks and emphasise the band’s post-hardcore signature as being one that surely is promising, as they continue to solidify themselves into their scene with the single hitting stores on Tuesday 14 August. But again, you can have a cheeky insight into the premiere on this page.

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