PANIC! AT THE DISCO // Say Amen for New PATD!

In pretty exhilarating music news today, icons Panic! At the Disco have announced the date for the approaching release of their sixth full-length studio album, ostensibly preceded by clues on the band’s socials this past week. Panic! fans can anticipate 22nd of June to hear the first record that has been brought forward by the rockers in just over 2 years- Pray For The Wicked will be released via Fueled By Ramen/DCD2 Records.

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Panic! have developed a rock-solid Aussie fan base, which was evident in their selling out their previous tour in 2017,  implementing shows in all major cities around the country.

The band have soared over their now 14-year career, with the acclaimed 2016 album Death of a Bachelor being nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards, as well as debuting at Number 3 on the ARIA charts—undoubtedly a feat setting a high precedent for the record next in line. As a precursor to the album’s release, Panic! has released the video for Say Amen (Saturday Night). Ironically enough, the clip opens with an Australian news anchor reporting on a breaking news story, which is followed by the depiction of a thrilling home robbery scene with said conspicuous Australian accent playing in the background. The bracing video that should inevitably be lauded by fans and critics alike was directed by Daniel “Cloud” Campos, a previous collaborator with the band, as well as Spencer Susser. To delight Panic! fans further, it is part of a Cloud-directed trilogy purposed as a prequel to This is Gospel and Emperor’s New Clothes.

If frontman Brendon Urie’s remark claiming that Pray For The Wicked is the “most fun I’ve ever had making an album” is anything to go by, this release may be of monumental value to the 2018 pop/rock landscape.

Pre-order Pray For The Wicked here.

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