new years day hysteria
new years day hysteria

New Years DayUnbreakable

Century Media
29 April, 2019
An Open Book

Brace yourself for impact because you are not ready for the powerful tsunami that is Unbreakable, the fourth studio album from Californian rockers, New Years Day.

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This release sees the band manipulating their own creativity and personal limits, and is a collection of unabashed songs that’s about to secure some new fans and cement the love of the die-hards.

New Years Day are testing how their presence fits new areas. Opener Come For Me boasts such a powerful riff you’ll be forced backward. Gruesome and a bit sludgy, this is a beautifully ugly number made electric by the industrial metal undertones with many more tracks on the album just as ferocious.

There’s something powerful and for every mood in Unbreakable

Two-shade siren Ash Costello gives an absolutely riveting performance, her tone attractively frightening and her delivery packing a punch. Costello manages to be both threatening and sweet throughout Unbreakable, her range complimented by melancholy melodies, distorted details, suggestive synths, and hard-hitting rhythms.

There’s something powerful and for every mood in Unbreakable–for the rise above it mood is the titular track, the sexually empowering number for the girls is definitely lead single Shut Up, and the down and out, crappy situation and totally over it anthem has to be Break My Body.

This album is more than just an experiment in what a band can do if they test themselves musically, it’s an open book, an intricate and intimate look into the thoughts and feelings of New Years Day. Vulnerable, vehement, and vital, Unbreakable is New Years Day’s most expansive work to date.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Come For Me, Break My Body, Sorry Not Sorry
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