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Militarie GunLife Under The Gun

Loma Vista Recordings
23rd June, 2023
Punk Rawk!

Right now is quite possibly the best time ever to be a hardcore band.

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Having maintained an underground following for the better part of the last 40 years, it seems that the genre is finally getting the mainstream recognition it’s so long deserved. Sydney’s Speed have been earning sponsorship endorsements from the likes of Vans and Carhartt, Knocked Loose are fronting up for sets at large-scale festivals such as Coachella and Bonnaroo– hopefully paving the way for other acts to follow suit in future–and Turnstile are scoring Grammy nominations. It’s without a doubt the most commercially viable the scene has ever been. 

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It’s also the most creative and forward thinking that it’s ever been, with each newcomer to make waves amongst modern day hardcore enthusiasts making their mark by bringing their own unique sound and approach to the genre. Militarie Gun are a testament to this. Their debut album Life Under The Gun, isn’t just a rehash of what the rest of their peers are doing, instead it stands up as a true arrival for the Washington based up and comers, marking itself with a clear point of difference amongst the rest of the modern day hardcore scene. As affirmed in Very High, “it’s a punch to the face,”–but it’s also a startlingly introspective and emotionally charged journey that sees vocalist Ian Shelton no-holds-barred as he recounts stark anecdotes of his childhood and the inextricable link between his upbringing and addiction.

Vulnerable, vitriolic and unflinchingly resolute in its output, Life Under The Gun isn’t just a debut that’ll differentiate Militarie Gun from the rest of the pack—it’s an album that’ll save lives. 

Although, while deeply emotive and vulnerable in its delivery, it’s done without sacrificing the punk/hardcore spark introduced on the groups previous EPs. Do It Faster tears through with twangy garage-rock riffs and rattling snare patterns, immediately introducing listeners to Militarie Gun’s world-beating, ‘in your face’ punk attitude. Will Logic toys with modern-grunge sensibilities, adding heavily distorted riffs and muffled (at times mumbled) vocals into the eclectic mix, while Think Less and Big Disappointment allow for Shelton’s edgy, unrefined vocals to dominate alongside their chaotically brazen outputs. Tying back in with the albums overarching theme, tracks like “My Friends Are Having A Hard Time,” “Return Policy,” and “Think Less,” interrogate interpersonal relationships through Shelton’s distinctly blunt and self-aware lens, dipping into spite and anger only to turn the blame back on himself again. Vulnerable, vitriolic and unflinchingly resolute in its output, Life Under The Gun isn’t just a debut that’ll differentiate Militarie Gun from the rest of the pack—it’s an album that’ll save lives. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Very High, Think Less, Big Disappointment
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