MAGGIE LINDEMANN // The Artists Giving Her a Creative ‘Suckerpunch’

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In honour of her upcoming SUCKERPUNCH world tour, which includes dates in Australia, Maggie Lindemann shares some of the artists who creatively inspire her.

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Paramore are my biggest inspiration for sure. First of all: a woman leads the band, that’s really inspiring to me, she’s just so cool. She made the best song on the Twilight soundtrack, so even just for that–she’s the best. Paramore have just consistently been the coolest band ever, I love the melodies, I love the arrangements, I love what Hayley Williams says, and I love how she performs live. I love her ability to just be herself, she’s always doing crazy shit with her hair. And I always thought that was really cool when I was younger, I thought her hair was so cool, and I always wanted to do that–but my mum wouldn’t let me. I just like all of her choices, I always have. She also doesn’t live in L.A., which I also think is really cool, she just seems like such a chill person. Whenever I found out a big artist doesn’t live in L.A., I love it!

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Another big one is Avril Lavigne, obviously, she’s just a big inspiration I think for literally anyone who’s in this genre. She’s always been a really big style inspiration for me. Her outfits are really cool, and I’ve always admired her attitude too. When she first came on the scene, I felt like she just seemed so herself. And, at the time, there were so many young people being really glam and stuff like that. But then Avril came in, she’s like 16 years old wearing baggy pants and studded belts and hats, and black eyeliner but not much other make-up—she just didn’t care! And when she did that one performance where she had like a thousand drummers on the stage–oh my god, that was life-changing! I thought she was so cool, I just like the decisions she’s made as an artist, and obviously her songs speak for themselves, all of her songs are hits and they’re amazing. And I always loved her hair too, when she did those highlight streaks and different colours, I always wanted to do that too. But again–my mum would never let me do that!


Sleeping With Sirens is another big one for me, they’ve been my favourite band since I was in middle school; they’re a really big inspiration for me. Kellen [Quinn] was on one of my songs, which was really crazy because I’m a really big fan. I think Sleeping With Sirens have always done a really good job of consistently putting out amazing songs. And I could listen to all of their albums top-to-bottom and not find any flaws. I think they’re amazing songwriters and storytellers, and I always appreciate when a song is just really straight up, and exactly how it is. When it’s not a lot of: “oh, what does she mean by this? Is this a metaphor?” Like–I do love those, I love doing metaphor stuff in my songs. But I also always appreciate when a song just sounds exactly how it is, or it sounds like a conversation. I actually think that’s way harder than metaphors, and I think Sleeping With Sirens have always done a really good job of just saying shit straight up.


Bring Me The Horizon is another big inspiration. I’ve always admired their production, and they’ve been a band for so long but they’ve always stayed true to themselves. I feel like a lot of pop-punk-metal-whatever bands throughout time have tried to go a little more pop. You know, when pop punk was dying out, people were trying to go more pop. Obviously, no hate or anything, it’s just that people wanted to continue their artistry in a world where there was no pop punk. And they were like: “OK, we have to do this”. But I always appreciated that Bring Me The Horizon didn’t do that, they always stayed true to their stuff. And I think that’s really cool, because their fans have always appreciated that. Me also, it made me feel like we didn’t have to adapt to the times. It was like we were our own little thing, so I appreciate that. I think it’s really cool that they’ve always stayed true to themselves. And they’re crazy live, Oliver’s a crazy performer in general. And, like I said, I love their production, and it’s because it’s always felt ahead of its time, and it was always experimental. Some it was pop, and some of it was punk, some of it was rock…it always just felt all over the place, and I think it’s really cool when bands experiment with their sounds. And I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from that.


I had seen one of Yuele’s video on TikTok, that’s how I found her, she’s in a room, she’s wearing this white outfit, and the scenery was beautiful. The creative part about it was just so amazing, and I also loved the melodies and the harmonies and everything that she was doing. I’m a really big visual person, I love when someone has cool visuals. Even if a song’s just OK, but the visuals are insane – that’s really cool, and I really appreciate that. Then, I listened to her whole album, and it was just so experimental and so cool. I also always appreciate when someone is themselves completely, they don’t feel like they need to something so that they can be mainstream. They just do stuff because they like it and they think it’s cool – and the fans will come to them, they don’t need to find the fans and try to morph themselves to that. I just think it’s cool when people don’t care. And her music’s just so interesting and different, her vibe is just really cool.


Thursday 4 May // The Prince // Melbourne (Lic AA)
Saturday 6 May 2023 // The Triffid // Brisbane (Lic AA)
Sunday 7 May 2023 // Crowbar // Sydney (18+)

Tickets available here.

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