LAGWAGON // Announce New Album ‘Railer’

California punks Lagwagon have announced the release of Railer, their ninth full-length album. 

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They’ve also dropped Bubble, the first song written for the LP. Unlike the last few Lagwagon albums, Railer was written in a condensed period of time, with the band attempting to capture the spirit of their early days. 

“There’s only so much one person or a group of people can do before they start to develop characteristics that become common to them,” says frontman Joey Cape, “and I think you have to be comfortable with that. And I am. I like my band and what we’ve done and I’m okay with the fact that we have our strengths and we have our limitations. I know what it is that we do well and if we stay true to that, there’s something that comes out of that is truly original, because you’re being true to who you really are.”

Railer was produced by Cameron Webb (Alkaline Trio, Motörhead). Like previous Lagwagon albums it will include a cover, this time a frantic punk rock rendition of Journey’s Faithfully.

Speaking about the throwback to their earlier sound , Cape added: “Evolution is a journey within yourself. You go on this journey and it takes you wherever it takes you, there are multiple people along the way that you meet who have different ideas than you and as you grow, you get into different things along the way. I don’t know if you ever completely lose the sense of where you came from, but you definitely evolve away from it over time. But the thing is, it’s always there.”

Railer is set to drop on Friday, 4th October through Fat Wreck Chords. 

You can pre-order the album (and nab an Australian exclusive skate deck) here.

Bubble is also available for streaming and purchase now through all digital outlets.

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