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INVERTED FESTIVAL: THE CHATS // New Music, New Projects, New Members; The Chats Blast Into The New Year.

Good news! The Chats are writing new material. So Eamon, how’s it shaping up? “It’s just the same old stuff really” he laughs.

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“We don’t take the lyrical aspect too seriously and when it comes to the musical aspect, I think we take it even less seriously.”

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No surprises really. I mean, The Chats have made an international name for themselves for being the young larrikins that are fronting the Aussie punk scene and throughout it all, the groups singer Eamon Sandwith has consistently assured that his lyrics aren’t to be taken too seriously.

Now splitting his writing between two projects (having started up Headlice in 2020), Eamon has spent the bulk of the last year working on new material.

“It’s been a good time to get into that stuff” he reflects.

“I’ve been writing heaps and we have been practising here and there, not heaps but whenever we can.”

“I was writing a bunch and somewhere along the way I realised that they weren’t going to be songs for The Chats, so decided to kick something else up.”

“Our bass player in Headlice, Red Lice, played in Boing Boing and had been overseas for a while and had just got back. He was really keen to start jamming and then my girlfriend Shred Lice joined on the synthesizer and Fred Rice from King Stingray plays the drums.” 

We would always just hang out and listen to records, like recluses, we were not very popular people on the Coast.
[ Eamon Sandwith ]

“We were all just hanging out, safely, of course but then yeah, it came out of boredom I guess.”

With the song’s not suited for The Chats making their way to Headlice, Eamon has been working on new Chat’s tracks alongside the newest addition to the group; Josh from The Unknowns.

“We are just trying to knuckle down at the moment and write some new stuff.”

“Josh is still writing songs for The Unknowns but we are actually sitting down and writing songs together for the first time which has been really cool.”

“It helps a lot to have someone who has an ear for different sorts of styles of music because they put forward ideas that you probably wouldn’t think of yourself. It’s awesome to have that kind of input.”

Touching on the easy fit that Josh made into the group, Eamon reflected, “We were always just really good friends growing up together on the coast.”

“We would always just hang out and listen to records, like recluses, we were not very popular people on the Coast. We sort of found comfort in each other and started hanging out a lot and then when it came time to get a new guitar player it just seemed like the obvious choice.”

With potentially new material included in their set, The Chats will be headlining this year’s first ever Inverted Festival. A one day event coming to the Gold Coast this May that’ll give fans a dose of everything from punk rock to bmx.

“I’m keen as! I reckon it’s gonna be sick” states a pretty stoked Eamon. “We only recently did our first festival in ages the other week in Adelaide, it was called Summer Sounds.”

“It was great to be around that sort of environment again. There’s something about festivals that I really missed. It’s great that gigs are coming back but festivals are what I really want to start coming back.”

“I think Inverted will be one of the biggest festivals in Australia this year.”

INVERTED FESTIVAL // Saturday 1st May // Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast

Tickets available here.

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