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HEAVENSGATE // Melbourne’s Hardcore Merchants of Bopp

Considering their short tenure as a band, there is a fair chance that you’ve already come across (and fallen in love with) HEAVENSGATE.

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Having emerged as newcomers in the Melbourne scene late last year, the hardcore outfit have made a quick name for themselves. It seems they’ve hit up every ‘New Metal’ playlist that Spotify has to offer. It’s no surprise they’ve already earned attention from none other than the esteemed Melbourne-based Greyscale Records in conjunction with 1126 Records will be releasing the group’s debut EP AND ALL I LOVED, I LOVED ALONE on 24th of February this year.

According to the groups bassist, Aki Vicneswaran, their newfound attention has been “a bit of a dream” considering each band member had previously cut their teeth in other bands. He also realises their clout is a direct result of the hard work and concerted effort Heavensgate put into creating their sound.

“We felt that if we were going to start this band, we were going to do it properly. We wanted to establish a sound right out of the gate, instead of just throwing an EP out there where every song sounded similar and seeing how it goes. We needed to come out of the gate swinging with something that’ll grab people’s attention straight away.”

We needed to come out of the gate swinging with something that’ll grab people’s attention straight away.
[ Aki Vicneswaran ]

Focused on what they wanted Heavensgate to sound like, Vickneswaran now describes the group as “the perfect balance between metal and hardcore”.

“We all come from different backgrounds, which means we all have different preferences on what we should sound like, which at times makes it hard to find a happy medium.”

But I think for all of us, we just really wanted to bring a sound that wasn’t particularly as explored within Australia. I feel like hardcore bands in other countries are experimenting more with ambience, so we’re trying to bring that here and make it more common within Australia.”

“It’s been hard though,” he contends, “it’s like we are trying to be as diverse as possible, whilst also trying to make our own way and carve out our own niche.”

With the debut Heavensgate EP set for release on Friday, HEAVENSGATE are now gearing up to tick off the next goal on their list, touring, with Vicneswaran excitedly promising that the group will be soon be announcing a tour in support of AND ALL I LOVED…

“There will definitely be shows after the EP comes out; I feel like some of these songs were made to be played in a live setting so I’m really excited to finally get some shows done.

“At this point, we are so keen to get on the road. It’s not even like we’re ready for it, we are itching for it.”

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