heavensgate hysteria
heavensgate hysteria


Greyscale Records via 1126 Records
24th February, 2023
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Upon chatting to Heavengate’s Aki Vickneswaran recently, he told us that the group’s debut EP AND ALL I LOVED, I LOVED ALONE was a release that they wanted to take their time with, ensuring that each and every track was written and recorded to a high standard, and that it carried a specific sound unique to both Heavensgate and the Australian hardcore scene.

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Well, hats off fella’s, you’ve absolutely aced that goal.

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With a sound that teeters between chugging hardcore riffs; metalcore breakdowns and blackened death metal blast beats,  ‘And All I Loved ..’  introduces Heavensgate as much more than just your everyday hardcore act, instead defining the upcomers as quite a multifaceted metal outfit who aren’t afraid to take a risk. 

From the shoegaze ambience of Chemical Heaven, to the midwest emo undertones of Loversdance, And All I Loved.. offers up a wealth of stylistic changeup’s and technical arrangements that’ll keep fans of more bohemian metal subgenres thoroughly entertained. In a particularly defining moment, Ginsick delivers a flurry of unrelenting blast beats, dissonant backup harmonies and sharp, syncopated rhythms that match the frenetic energy of Nazareth Tharratt’s spiteful vocals. 

If AND ALL I LOVED, I LOVED ALONE is Heavengate’s starting point, one can only imagine how good their work that is yet to come will be.

SheMovesLikeThunder on the other hand, sees the group play around with the use of pitch shifters and constant changes in tempo, delivering a similar energy to label mates Alpha WolfAlthough, the EP’s standout moment comes in the form of it’s closer, with Symbiotic Suicide maintaining a much slower tempo than it’s predecessors, proving that hardcore doesn’t have to be dominated by aggression as long as it maintains the songs cause and integrity. If AND ALL I LOVED, I LOVED ALONE is Heavengate’s starting point, one can only imagine how good their work that is yet to come will be.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Ginsick, SheMovesLikeThunder, ESymbiotic Suicide
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Alpha Wolf, Loathe, Wither

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