EXCLUSIVE: LILLYE // Premiere ‘In The End’ Video

Hold onto your hats, headbands and other headgear subject to be blown off by the fury of good tunes, today Hysteria has the exclusive scoop on the new music video from Aussie rockers Lillye.

Back with a ripper of a rock song with In The End, Lillye are adding to their alternative altercations as they turn out the second music video from their upcoming full length album, Evolve.

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A rapid alt-metal number about the infinite nature of war, vocalist Virginia Lillye says of In The End, “[It] was inspired after touring the Middle East to perform for the troops. I realised, no matter how many wars are fought … nothing is ever truly solved. At the end of the day we all die eventually.” Briskly beating from day into night, the video shows Lillye atop the roofs of Sydney. “It was a super-windy day so we were limited with use of the drone shots,” says Lillye. “At one point we thought we might fly off the top of the roof, and the cameraman almost lost his eye with a flying drumstick!”

Lillye are preparing to drop Evolve next month, four years since Australia were first introduced to their alt-metal musings in their self-titled debut EP. Now signed with Eclipse Records, Lillye have already released a video for their first single Run, a pulverising and high-energy Mortal Kombat inspired work whose comical creativeness needs to be seen to be really appreciated.

Femme fatale vocals and raw metal runs, thus far armed with singles Run and In The End, Lillye are setting the scene up for good things when Evolve drops on May 18.  

Pre-order Evolve now here.

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