DZ DEATHRAYS // Unleash New Track ‘All Or Nothing’

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Raucous Aussie rockers DZ Deathrays have dropped their latest single, All or Nothing.

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The huge track will feature on their upcoming album Positive Rising: Part 2, set to drop on Friday, July 9th through I OH YOU.

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Premiering yesterday on triple J’s Drive, All or Nothing sees the trio pay tribute to the objects that remind them of home while they’re on the road. “It’s reminiscent of touring life and the idea that something like a guitar can bring so much joy and adventure to our lives,” says frontman Shane Parsons. “It’s the flip-side to some of the other tracks that look out into the world: this one looks into our little world.” 

In a statement, DZ said the track was one of the hardest on the record to finish, with Parsons reworking the music in different keys “to try to see where it would go”. It follows on from the anthemic Fired Up, released back in October 2020. 

The band has stayed active throughout the pandemic and recently shared an acoustic rendition of Fired Up, recorded in iso. Taking a step away from their classic, punchy beats and soaring riffs, it was turned into a romantic ballad.  They also partnered with scene favourites WAAX, dropping an absolutely massive rework of their track, FU

Positive Rising: Part 2 promises to be the moodier sibling of Positive Rising: Part 1. To celebrate its release, DZ is offering fans an exclusive pre-order which will include a digital record and a bottle of their limited edition party fizz, ‘DZ Deathrays Positive Sparkling Cremant’, made in partnership with the legends at Built to Spill. Catch all the details here, you can also stream All Or Nothing now.

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