Days Like TheseICON

19th May, 2023
Repeat Listens!

True to its name, Days Like These’s latest release is iconic.

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With a fluid sound and structure, ICON offers plenty of newness. It stands out—not only through its unique use of instruments and vocal styles but also through its big choruses and singalong moments.

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The seven tracker has something for every heavy music fan. The title track, for example, just screams fun. It also embraces pop, dance, and alternative elements (amongst others!). It’s one of our highlights. So is Pray, a track that would’ve felt right at home on Enter Shikari’s latest record, A Kiss For The Whole World. Another favourite of ours is Oblivion—a track which will undoubtedly grab the attention of anyone who likes their music hard and fast. It’s the designated mosh starter of the EP and it shines through its use of drum and bass. It also features hardcore bruisers Death Tourtrust us, it’s unmissable!

Days Like These have made a bid for greatness with ICON, proving their potential as leaders of the next-gen of Oz-heavy music. 

Our final standout is Bloodshed, which again shows how much of a knack Days Like These have for electronic music. Days Like These set expectations high back in 2021, when they released their standout debut EP Wide Awake. And they’ve surpassed them with ICON, raising the bar even higher. Ultimately, this EP shows off the band’s growth and dedication to their craft. It also levels up in technical ability, production, and arrangement. Despite being so diverse, it all melts together flawlessly, leading to a cohesive listen you’ll return to over and again. Days Like These have made a bid for greatness with ICON, proving their potential as leaders of the next-gen of Oz-heavy music. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Icon, Oblivion, Bloodshed
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco

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