The Daily ChaseFeel Alive

1 June, 2018
Breathtakingly brutal

Where most bands have an idea of where they’d like to fall with their sound, they do their best to try and stand out in some way–not The Daily Chase.

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This Port Pirie fivesome are as comfortable in metalcore as you can get and it shows in their second EP Feel Alive. The new release is as punching and as melodic as you’d expect from a group positioning themselves in this genre, only they’ve got a few tricks to catch you out.

… so hectic you’ll sweat just to hear them.

If you’ve not heard of the five-year strong group previously you might take a look at their current press image and assume this was some kind of punk-emo outfit ready to sing sweet sorrow–not so. While opener Dwell itches in with a fleeting ambience, any perceptions of dainty little dandies with their hearts on their sleeves are soon chipped away by brittle riffs, scorching vocals and drum runs so hectic you’ll sweat just to hear them.

Subtle electronica and clean vocals in Void mellows out the madness, just like the softly-softly approach of The Fear. The feeling of dastardly destruction created by impressive production comes full circle with Keeping Close and Feel Alive, rounding out a breathtakingly brutal sophomore release. The aggression and fury with which The Daily Chase perform heralds the end of days, apocalyptic and changing, but ultimately this is merely a taste of dominating times ahead for this band.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Dwell, The Fear, Keeping Close
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