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CITADEL // Share Progressive Metalcore Masterpiece ‘Nightmare Frontier’

Take a walloping dose of prog-rock, mix it with metalcore and add a whole lot of ambience. You’ll get Nightmare Frontier, the latest track from Citadel.

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Embracing synths and syncopated melodies, Nightmare Frontier is a solid display of the band’s range. And with its haunting and heavier soundscapes, it nods to the likes of Make Them Suffer and Ice Nine Kills.

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Lyrically, it’s a personal one – particularly for vocalist Russel Miller, who grappled with the stigma associated with mental health and neurodiversity.

“Over the last two years, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about ADHD as I’ve become more and more aware that I have very similar symptoms,” he says. “Learning about why I’ve struggled with some things and why my brain might function in certain ways has been enlightening but also really frustrating. Occasionally it makes my anxieties worse because being aware doesn’t make me overcome it.”

Nightmare Frontier was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gareth Hargreaves (Polaris, The Brave). It follows on from their debut album, Decompose, which we called a “polished and riveting ride.”

Despite only releasing their debut single in 2022, Citadel has also toured extensively, performing alongside Voyager (yes, the Eurovision legends themselves), Redhook, The Dead Love and Reliqa. They were also finalists in the Brisbane legs of 2022’s Good Things Festival heat.

Nightmare Frontier is available and streaming everywhere now.

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