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THE HYST LIST // Christmas Essentials Playlist

Hello Festive Season, nice to see you again. Just like that another year is almost over and that means Christmas is nearly upon us! With only a week until the big day, the amped up, steroid-induced ‘Christmas spirit’ might be getting  just a bit too much for some of us. Don’t worry, we hear you.

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So to help drown out the sound of screaming children in shopping centres but keep you in the festive mood, we’ve compiled our favourite not-so-classic Christmas songs into a Christmas Essentials playlist. Head to Spotify and listen to the playlist, or scroll down to see if your favourites made the cut.

DISCLAIMER: Some songs on the below list are not available on Spotify and therefore have not been included in the Spotify playlist. 

Night Of The Living Shred

Amon Amarth // Viking Christmas

Grab your ale and raise it to Odin, it’s time for a Viking Christmas!

August Burns Red // Sleddin’ Hill

This song will keep you jolly through the most trying of Christmas traditions.

Bad Religion // Christmas Songs Compilation

Our favourite religion, giving new life to old Christmas classics.

Chris Farren ft. Jenny Owen Youngs // Like A Gift From God Or Whatever

This song could definitely get by unnoticed in a family Christmas playlist.

Christopher Lee // Jingle Hell

Opera and heavy metal, reimagining a classic carol, is there anything Christopher Lee can’t do?

Dropkick Murphys // The Season’s Upon Us

The most relatable Christmas song. Ever. Dropkick Murphys win Christmas.

Alestorm Watain Emperor Tours 2019

Gerard Way ft. Lydia Night // Dasher

First a Halloween song, now a Christmas song? I hope these gifts come every year!

GWAR // Stripper Christmas Summer Weekend

If you’re working a BBQ this Christmas, I want this song blaring in the background will you shoey a beer.

King Diamond // No Presents For Christmas

In my opinion, a great sitting room song while you’re basking in post-feast fullness.

Korn // A Very Korn Kristmas

Dirty, dark and devilish, just the way we like our Korn – this song is for after the kiddies have gone to bed.

Landon Tewers // I Hope You Have A Shitty Christmas

We all know this person!

My Chemical Romance // All I Want For Christmas Is You (Cover)

Admit it, this is a WAY better version than Mariah Carey’s!

NOFX // X-mas Has Been X’ed

Saaaanta Claus is coming to town, and he’s cancelling Christmas (sorry not sorry).

The Used // Alone This Holiday

You’re never truly alone with Bert McCracken’s voice serenading you on Christmas day.

Type O Negative // Red Water (Christmas Mourning)

Sometimes it’s just too damn jolly and you gotta tone everyone down for a bit.

BONUS: In addition to the songs from this list being on the Spotify playlist, so too are the songs from last years Hysteria’s Christmas Classics Playlist. Merry listening!

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