carrington hysteria
carrington hysteria


24 May, 2019
Solid as Heck

Up and comers Carrington has been making their mark on the Perth scene since forming in 2015.

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Taking the time to tour and build their sound the boys have been steadily releasing tracks over the years and now, with a new lineup, they’ve dropped a record self-described as “Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates”. Alter-Ego is the band’s debut studio EP, and it sees them take an introspective view of punk rock and inject it with a little alternative edge.

Carrington hasn’t reinvented the wheel with Alter-Ego, but they have executed their new wave sound well.

But, from the record opener 44 Days, it becomes apparent that you do know what you’re going to get. It’s no real surprise when you consider the oversaturation of the genre, but this doesn’t mean that Alter-Ego isn’t worth the listen. Despite a somewhat cliche soundscape, the five-piece have done a solid as heck job of layering their “down the barrel” punk rock melodies with bouts of post-hardcore experimentation and self-examining lyrics.  

Interesting Places is the highlight of the EP without question. Emotions run high on the track, with richly layered lines about the passing of a family member and the degradation of the earth showing the potential of the band. Frontman Emmett Carroll delivers his strongest performance here and while the rest of the tracks are solid, they just don’t hit the same heights. In spite of their best efforts, Carrington hasn’t reinvented the wheel with Alter-Ego, but they have executed their new wave sound well. With a bit of innovation, the boys will be onto a real winner with their next release.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Interesting Places, Serration, 44 Days
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