diamond construct hysteria
diamond construct hysteria

Diamond ConstructDiamond Construct

Greyscale Records
17 May, 2019

Djent is back in a big way ladies and gentleman. Diamond Construct have made sure that’s clear with the release of their self-titled debut.

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Major single Night Terrors has been in constant rotation since its release and for good reason. It hits every single part of the djentcore playbook but manages to feel fresh in the process. The breakdown halfway through hits with a hint of self-loathing likely taken from Korn’s Jonathan Davis. Ditto for Submerged that precedes it.  

If you’re a fan of the DOOM soundtrack, you’ll love Diamond Construct.

On that note, there’s a whole heap of little callbacks to the era of dreadlocks and puffed Adidas tracksuits; Hypno’s warning tones may as well be the soundtrack to a time machine. The high pitched beeps are dotted all around this self-titled. Morphine Eyes has a real mid 2000s electro feel to it that also brings a sense of urgency to the midpoint of the record. Back to back Hailstorm and Wildfire are the heavy hitters of the record. Well that is until Attitude’s breakdowns finally hit and we realise that Diamond Construct can still get even heavier than the 10 tracks prior. By this point if listeners haven’t cottoned on that pat-pat double kick breakdowns are the main course, it’s time to turn off the speakers.

The quality of regional acts coming out that are able to share stages with city born and bred groups is astounding. If you’re a fan of the DOOM soundtrack, you’ll love Diamond Construct.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Morphine Eyes, Night Terrors, Attitude
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