BLKLST // New Music On Its Way

Melbourne heavy mental band BLKLST have announced the release date of their new EP Hard to Swallow as well as a new single—Hypocrite.

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Scheduled for release on Friday the 26th of October through iTunes and Apple Music, as well streaming on Spotify and Amazon, pre-orders open Monday the 24th of September with Hypocrite available for streaming the same day!

Featuring their single Donnie Narco,released earlier this year, the EP will also contain a part two to fan favourite Need You. Influenced by 90’s nu metal, alternative heavy metal and modern Metal, this new EP is worth waiting for.

Engineered by Evan Lee at STL Studios Sydney, with additional engineering by Sonny Truelove, Hard to Swallow was mixed and mastered by Evan Lee and Ash Daws at The Loud Noise Estate.

As for their single Hypocrite, the tune and its respective music video create an unapologetic body of work. Frantic drums, heavy guitars and distanced vocals make up Hypocrite, with lyrics faded, but just enough to hear what they’re saying, making the track feel somewhat estranged but also welcoming. Paired with distorted, overlaid and discoloured visuals in the Hypocrite clip, together, the work allows an open interpretation on the song and its music video.

“I prefer for people to take what they can from the songs and engage with it in their own way, rather than be told exactly what they are about” states vocalist Joshua Westwick about their music.

“Hypocrite creates the feeling that you are being cheated or lied to. With the chorus hook of ‘stay tonight’ it tries to give a feeling of a twisted dependence on being involved with a hypocrite. It even suggests we are all hypocrites and perception is everything.”

With the lead up to the release of Hard to Swallow, Hypocrite will have to suffice as the—until the EP drop, of course.

For more BLKLST, click here for their Facebook.

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