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BISON // Australian Nü-Metal Icons Discuss Their First Album In 19 Years.

Almost two decades since groups like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Korn reigned supreme on the charts, nü metal began making a huge resurgence.

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With Melbourne based acts such as Ocean Grove and Dregg spearheading the genre’s revitalisation (and attaining some incredible attention as a result), it is now even becoming common to see prominent bands like Void Of Vision and Northlane redirecting from their metalcore roots towards a more rap-based sound. Although, with the exception of a scarce few, like 28 Days, (who were so drenched in Australianisms that their songs could probably blow over .05) who sometimes score a 3am slot on Rage, most Australian acts associated with the original sound have faded into obscurity. Bison were one of those groups. Achieving success in the late 90’s/early 2000’s the metal based nü metal outfit shared the stage with acts such as The White Stripes and Pennywise before they called it a day.

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Now almost two decades later, the group’s reformation has seen the band take a step into a darker, industrial realm of nü metal. “What we set out to do in the beginning was to write to the fullest capacity of our sound and I think that’s the nature we have maintained with this reformation” says the groups guitarist, Richard De Silva.

“We wanted to create jumpy, riff-based music that took influences from both our origins and from what’s happening now.”

Expanding on the group’s modern day influences, Richard continued, “One act that gets mentioned in a lot of articles is Ocean Grove, a band I have been a fan of for many years. As soon as I found out that their drummer Sam Bassal recorded all of their work, I knew he was who I wanted to record with.”

“He did an incredible job. Honestly, it was a better job than we ever anticipated and the end result has inspired us to want to do a lot more writing as a band. He’s given us the right canvas to make our songs the best that they can be and it ended up being an integral part of our new sound.”

We wanted to create jumpy, riff-based music that took influences from both our origins and from what’s happening now.
[ Richard De Silva ]

With the groups “new sound” on display in their newest EP, Perfect Mistakes, Richard discussed some of the lineup changes and differences to their approach. “I think Bison has developed towards more of a Deftones type of style. The early stuff from Architects Of Sound is all just a single riff with groovy drums and it worked back then, but we didn’t want to just do what we did back then; we wanted to show a development in concept.”

“Now having two guitarists who can work on melodies together has proven to be highly valuable to the melodic structure of the song.”

“There’s also a lot more ideas shared within the band than we did when we were younger and one member would write the song and delegate parts. Eddie and I have always gelled from a groove side of things but everyone else has become even greater extensions to Bison than ever before.”

With it being almost 20 years since the release of their debut album, Architects Of Sound, Richard took a moment to reflect on the differences of what it means to be a modern day nü metal act compared to when the genre first experienced it’s rise in prominence in the early 2000’s.

“There is slightly less pressure on being genre defining because it has largely been defined as a genre. I listen to different kinds of metal all day, everyday, so I will always try to find different moments and styles that I can work in.

“I do really love that we play the sound that we do. While there is a resurgence happening within Australia at the moment, there aren’t too many bands doing our sound which is something we have always wanted to achieve.

Purchase and stream Bison’s Perfect Mistakes here.

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