Our Anchored HeartsFear

1 June, 2018
Experimentation evident

Armidale-originated, Sydney-based metalcore group Our Anchored Hearts have released a new five-track EP entitled Fear. Our Anchored Hearts have been delivering their brand of heavy metalcore with stylistic twists since 2012 and Fear is their second EP following 2015’s Eternal Empty Vessel.

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From the opening track You Are Not Alone, its clear that Our Anchored Hearts have brought the next level of their heavy metalcore onslaught to Fear. You Are Not Alone fluctuates between thundering breakdowns and euphoric interludes before returning into mid pace, pared back heaviness that indicates Our Anchored Hearts are reaching for musically textured tracks that shift between hardcore and a more atmospheric sound.

The future of Australian metalcore is in good hands with Our Anchored Hearts

Diabolous is a solid track that is packed with neckbreaking mid pace breakdowns this track is sure to pulverise audiences. A titanically drawn-out heavy closing sequence lends this track a profound edge that marks a feature of the Our Anchored Hearts sound. Singles Fear Rejection and Moyes St are solid examples of inventive metalcore, with raw attitude and melodic elements.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how Our Anchored Hearts develop the suggestions of genre experimentation evident on Fear on their debut full-length album. The future of Australian metalcore is in good hands with Our Anchored Hearts and Fear showcases the promising stylistic breadth of which they are capable. Alongside its sheer heavy crowd-igniting dimensions, Fear is a well-rounded EP from an Australian band to watch.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Diabolous, You Are Not Alone, Dishonour and Disloyalty.
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