ALPHA WOLF // Share Details Of New Album ‘A Quiet Place To Die’

Aussie metalcore frontrunners Alpha Wolf have finally dropped details of their upcoming second album A Quiet Place To Die, alongside the first taste of what’s to come with single Akudama. 

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Those who caught Alpha Wolf on their recent string of shows supporting Polaris would’ve heard the single, which touches on lyrical themes of vocalist Lochie Keogh’s experience of being a new vocalist thrust into the spotlight of a fast-rising band and the negative aspects that the music industry can sometimes bring with it.

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He says, “while there’s no singular antagonist in this song, it is a very targeted response. It’s a pissed off anthem for me to point the middle finger directly at those who don’t make people feel welcome in the scene.”

“We’ve seen time and time again musicians taking support slots for bands they do nothing but drag through the dirt behind their backs, acting like they’re too cool to be part of this scene. If the only way you can feel good about yourself is to try to bring other musicians down to your level, this song is for you.”

Alpha Wolf’s second album has a lot to live up to, with their last release, the Fault EP proving their talent and cohesiveness as a band.

Fault was a big test for us in how we wanted to go ahead as a band, it was Lochie and Mitch’s first release with Alpha Wolf and was actually all written and tracked before Lochie had even played a show with us,” says guitarist Scott Simpson.

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“We have toured around the globe since the EP’s release, and everyone has really found their own because of it. These songs are in retrospect to all of that. We took what works and put it on steroids, we made the album we have always wanted to make, the way we wanted to make it and I think people are really going to hear that.”

A Quiet Place To Die will be released in late September, and although the global music scene is on pause at the moment, the band is keeping it together and feeling more positive than ever.

Guitarist Sabian Lynch says, “we’ve completed the album we’ve dreamed of writing, with so much hard work and sacrifice over the past few years it always comes back down to the music and this is definitely the strongest we’ve ever been.”

“We’ve reached into those never-ending pockets of negativity to pull out some of our darkest times and pour them into our songs, it’s almost like having a demon for every day of the week but it’s for each song. Listen to the music, listen to the words and experience the best version of Alpha Wolf.”

A Quiet Place To Die is dropping September 25th via Greyscale Records and Sharptone Records, with pre-orders available now.

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