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21st September, 2018
Violent Evolution

Belgian death metallers Aborted are set to release their tenth album TerrorVision. With TerrorVision, it’s easy to see why Aborted have become one of the most exciting bands in horror-death-metal. With immaculately precise composition and stellar instrumental aptitude, Aborted have produced mind-blowing onslaught of an album in TerrorVision.

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TerrorVision embraces delightfully overshot horror-gore-centred themes, but the main event is the music itself. Overall, the pace is relentless, the atmosphere is dark and edgy, the dynamics are engaging and no matter where you look, there is something awesome happening on each instrument, in each track. Of note on TerrorVision is the highly effective use of discordance to create a more blackened sound, and with it a sense of despair, or yearning, that lies over the density of Aborted’s base death metal framework.

A perfect weave of aggression and melody, of order and chaos, Aborted have struck gold with TerrorVision.

This manifests in a frenetic tone in title track TerrorVision, levelling hell through Ken Bedene’s blasts after the sinister intro Lasciate Ogne Speranza. The sheer intensity of Aborted’s sound is captured to perfection in Vespertine Decay, a longer track progressing through several movements, from desolate atmospheres through forebodingly swelling rhythmic patterns and supersonic-paced sections. The versatility of vocalist Sven de Caluwe is impressive. In particular his use of dual snarling and deeper guttural vocals on Farewell To The Flesh adds a haunting, demonic edge. Alongside Stefano Franceschini’s punchy bass, Mendel bij de Leij and Ian Jekelis’  mindboggling leads, all carry Farewell To The Flesh to a soaring crescendo of deranged speed.

Aborted’s sound is rich and multi-layered, and uncompromisingly detailed across their instrumentation. A perfect weave of aggression and melody, of order and chaos, Aborted have struck gold with TerrorVision. Across all its moods and depths, TerrorVision is leaden, relentless, and frankly terrifying death metal.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Farewell To The Flesh, Vespertine Decay, TerrorVision
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