WICKED ENVY // Dancing With Your Demons

If you haven’t checked out Paralysis Demon yet, what are you doing?!

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It’s the latest offering from Wicked Envy, who’ve been dropping one rock banger after another since 2021 – this, of course, being no exception! Taking a personal approach, the track touches on the mental health struggles of vocalist Desiree Hancock.

We caught up with Hancock, who gave us the lowdown on the track, the band’s touring plans and more.

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Hysteria: What has the band been up to since we last spoke?

Desiree: We released our debut EP, What The Hell Am I Doing?, mid-2022! We headlined at The Basement in Canberra for our very first interstate show, supported our mates The Witching Hour at The Crowbar for Wiccan Fest last January and opened for legends FANGZ at The Lady Hampshire opening night last April! 

The new single Paralysis Demon is a personal one. Run us through what inspired it.

Struggling with anxiety, depression and insomnia for most of my life, I knew I needed to convey this in a song to express myself and to let others know they are not alone in this. You are stronger than you realise and can beat the devil, or in this case, demon!

What do you hope listeners take away from the song?

I hope listeners can relate to this song on a high level, and scream out those chorus lyrics loud and proud. And I hope they can be brave and speak out if they are struggling and need help! Because You are loved, and you are enough.

You are stronger than you realise and can beat the devil, or in this case, demon!
[ Desiree Hancock, Wicked Envy ]

The music video for Paralysis Demon is just as striking. How’d it come together?

Big props to Kim Quint and Chrissy McHugh from Dreamscape Creative. Couldn’t have done this without them! They are both incredibly talented and took our vision to new heights! While still remaining true and genuine to the storyline.

We had a few phone chats to discuss the storyboard and overall vision of the song and video and went through the do’s and don’ts for a music video like this one. From the get-go, we knew we wanted this video to be more of a narrative than a live band playthrough.

We are so proud of this song and video. We feel it’s our best work so far. Big love to Clay and Angie from The Brain Studios for making us sound so massive too!

You recently launched the single with a show with Machine on a Break and Svlem. Any highlights?

Lots! You could say it was a pretty insane show! From smoke machines going rogue and consuming everything in their path to speakers steaming up and a green glow stick explosion, it was definitely a night we all will never forget!

Thanks so much to our mates Svlem and Machine on a Break for making it an epic and unforgettable show!

What’s next?

We have our last show with our original drummer Paulo at The Lady Hampshire on the 21st of September. It’s a double headliner with Well? along with Bifter and Badwitch. We will also be joined by our previous guitarist Tim Boyd to celebrate Paulo’s last show in a mega way.

Make sure you grab your tickets now!


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