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14th July, 2023
pvris hysteria

What better way to cement your own timeless legacy than by unleashing a multi-faceted album centred around the ever-resonant notions of crumbling connection and instant gratification.

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While seemingly bleak sentiments on the surface, the permeating hope, catharsis and even sly humour laced into a reflection of humanity’s post-pandemic realities via EVERGREEN, aka Massachusetts rockers PVRIS’ fourth full length album, packs a captivating wallop; a fact only amplified by the stunning craftsmanship and elasticated stylistic elements firmly in command throughout the 11 new tracks.

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From the moody pulsations of its synth-laden opener I DON’T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE, EVERGREEN treads between stark modern malaise and veiled electropop to upbeat, dreamy anthems (GOOD ENEMY), slinky bops (GODDESS) and even serves up a voracious, infectious ode to empowerment coated in fuzz and trap beats (ANIMAL). Seamlessly threading the intimate yet authoritative vocals of Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, EVERGREEN balances its bold gloss and serrated instrumentation with moments that plunge you headfirst into the all-too-real realities of existential dread, fear and beyond. Whether via the menacing HYPE ZOMBIES that murkily prowls into the soaring TAKE MY NIRVANA, Gunnulfsen declaring “I’ve been taking notes of everyone who went and stepped on me” on the former and “I don’t have time for your drama / Follow me round like piranhas” on the latter powerfully hits home for our incessantly disconnected modern society, and there are plenty of moments spurring you to scream along in solidarity.

A love letter to pop, rock, electronica and beyond while also elegantly extending the PVRIS creative universe, EVERGREEN more than lives up to its name and then some. 

But alongside the angst, PVRIS also offer up some buoyant moments of reprieve as the album progresses, from the effervescent SENTI-MENTAL to the ethereal ANYWHERE BUT HERE, the gooey charm of LOVE IS A…, and the album’s very own self-titled track, closing out in shimmering, Flume-esque whimsy. An unmistakably visceral and unexpectedly uplifting release, EVERGREEN is PVRIS raging against the machine with layers of sonic neon, smoke and moments of glistening calm. Boasting co-producers alongside Gunnulfsen, including Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Y2K, Matias Mora, Carrie Karpinen and returning PVRIS collaborator JT Daly, EVERGREEN is an elusive yet arresting journey that will have you asking life’s biggest questions, while also lulling you beyond the systemic and musical norms. A love letter to pop, rock, electronica and beyond while also elegantly extending the PVRIS creative universe, EVERGREEN more than lives up to its name and then some. 

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