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West ThebartonDifferent Beings Being Different

Domestic La La
18 May, 2018
BBQs and crocodile hunters

The spirit of Australian rock & roll is alive and kicking in the city of Adelaide where locals West Thebarton reside.

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Their music relives the era when pub rock was king and Australia became known to the rest of the world for its beer, BBQs and crocodile hunters. The band is truly a big Aussie family with seven members (six guys and a girl) playing their hearts out, fronted by Reverend Ray who sings and represents the ocker bloke archetype to perfection.

Different Beings Being Different sits well between classic rock and modern indie rock without ever pandering to either

Their debut album Different Beings Being Different would be a great soundtrack for a trip through the outback where only snakes and kangaroos venture, but stereotypes aside, this band has really got teeth and at times sounds like your pet dog ripping your furniture to bits. Different Beings Being Different sits well between classic rock and modern indie rock without ever pandering to either; it does however leave you wondering if they can really evolve sonically or if their fate will be to fall into a formula of producing all too familiar musical grammar and just be comfortable with the cultural references casted upon them.

This doesn’t take away from their prowess or passionate delivery or even diminish their songwriting skills but for all its tight musicianship and solid back bone rhythm section this is not an album you want to miss. Its ironic title of being different makes rock a genre that lives to be original but stays well and truly in its lane. Whilst there is a generation of fans who will hear this music with a fresh perspective, the album’s main strength is a history lesson into this country’s proud lineage of tremendous bands but it’s definitely not the future of rock music.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Moving Out, Stuck On You, Ivan,
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