victoria k hysteria
victoria k hysteria

Victoria KLacuna

Warner Music
3 May, 2019
Genuine Rising Star

Lacuna is the new single from Melbourne-based gothic/symphonic metal artist Victoria K.

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Lacuna is the first single from her debut solo album that is in the works for release later this year. Lacuna is a turbulent yet inspiring musical journey through the search for self from a genuine rising star in classical voice.

The sense of yearning and resolution in Lacuna is woven with sophistication and skill.

Lyrically Lacuna is insightful and puts a profound edge to the theme of searching for harmony within ourselves. The message is musically scaffolded by a full bodied guitar-driven sound that dramatically swells and retreats as the song moves through its narrative. Victoria K has a laudable vocal range from delicate high notes to deeper, forcefully majestic. Generally centred upon mezzo-soprano, her slightly deeper range renders her overall sound more haunting than the apparent stylistic influences such as Nightwish and Evanescence.

Victoria K’s musical aesthetic is undeniably Gothic but it is not overstated or too theatrical. The sense of yearning and resolution in Lacuna is woven with sophistication and skill. The operatic leaning of Victoria’s vocal style is captivating and one hopes that more of this comes through on the album.

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