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VerticoliThe Echo

2nd November, 2022
Certified Bangers!

A maelstrom of riffs, raw rock and remarkable execution, the brand new album The Echo from Tassie trio Verticoli offers brains and beauty throughout its 10 diverse tracks.

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An album ultimately driven by notions of passion, escapism, depression, paranoia, love, and life kicking you when you’re down, The Echo also echoes personal narratives from the band themselves, with the end result straddling hard-hitting narratives of real life and the music world alongside brawny and, at times, eclectic rock tropes.

Kicking off with a snarl via Undercover, Verticoli stamp their love from the get-go for modern and nostalgic rock tendencies, with the broader album nodding to the likes of Cog, Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Audioslave, with occasional hues of early Ocean Grove and Silverchair. From the high-octane rumbling of Undercover to the grungy goodness of Pride & Legacy and Sailor, gritty bounce on Hits Of The Summer and muscular melodics on Silent Scream, The Echo gleefully flits stylistically from track to track, helmed throughout by the steadfast vocal stylings of Sam Hunn.  

A record overflowing with contrasts and wall-to-wall commanding moments, The Echo firmly showcases the entire sonic spectrum Verticoli has to offer.

The latter half of The Echo continues in similar oscillating fashion via woozy swagger (True Love), soaring hooks (the especially Cog-like Weak), glossy anthems (Alive), high-octane mayhem (Surrender) and, ultimately, gleeful lofi dissonance on the album’s closing title track. A record overflowing with contrasts and wall-to-wall commanding moments, The Echo firmly showcases the entire sonic spectrum Verticoli has to offer. With razor sharp delivery wrapped tightly around heartfelt conviction, The Echo embodies and echoes all things rock’n’roll, from modern alt-rock production to grungier, post punk, and heavier moments rooted deeply in the 1990s and earlier 2000s. Whether you’re in the mood for some chest-thumping goodness or something to help you make sense of the world, Verticoli have got you covered and then some with The Echo.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Undercover, Hits Of Summer, Weak
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Cog, Nirvana, Audioslave

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