the gloom in the corner hysteria
the gloom in the corner hysteria

The Gloom In The CornerTrinity

SharpTone Records
28th October, 2022
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At this point, it seems unfair to refer to Melbourne based up and comers The Gloom In The Corner as a ‘metal band.

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As one of the only acts out there to have their own ‘cinematic universe’, it seems like ‘composers’ or ‘auteurs’ may be a more apt title. With an incredibly deep and overarching lore that is expanded on with each release, it’s no surprise that the group have already established a cult-like following. Meaning that the release of their newest album Trinity primed to send Reddit users into an absolute frenzy. 

Featuring previously deceased characters Rachel, Ethan and Clara, Trinity picks up exactly where you’d expect it to, with our lead protagonists navigating their way back to earth from a ‘Rabbit Hole’ dimension. And with bloody fights, rabib shootouts and mythological characters all in tow, it’s a pretty gruesome affair. Which is matched by the score-like approach to the music, which predominantly strays away from traditional song structures, instead curating and utilising the music as a narrative device. From the semi-operatic moments in Obliteration Imminent to the tension building grumbles on Ronin, it’s hard not to feel immediately immersed.

Welcome To The Black Parade’-esque masterpiece that sees The Gloom In The Corner deliver their most impressive and symphonic effort to date.

Gravity provides some more harmonious moments, with the inclusion of meandering keys, various percussive elements and choirs all adding a powerful effect. Acting as a culmination for both the story and the album is Hail To The King (ft. Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy), an epic ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’-esque masterpiece that sees The Gloom In The Corner deliver their most impressive and symphonic effort to date. Which seems like a fitting close to Trinity, considering as an album, it also stands up as the group’s most impressive and expansive work yet. The perfect conclusion to the group’s appropriately named ‘Unholy Trinity.’

STANDOUT TRACKS: Obliteration Imminent, New Order, Hail To The King
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