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TOWNSThings You Might Feel Sometimes (EP)

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18th November, 2022
towns hysteria
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The feels are real and the good times are pumping on Things You Might Feel Sometimes, the brand new buoyant EP from Adelaide’s TOWNS, officially out on Friday 18 November.

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A duo notorious for their infectious brand of pop punk modernity and nostalgic hues, TOWNS, aka Aston Valladares and Daniel Steinert, have been charming audiences since their debut EP Television first dropped back in 2018. A self-professed “two piece puzzle”, the pieces are clearly in place on their latest endeavour, with Things You Might Feel Sometimes marking a fresh and fun sonic burst that is polished without losing some delectable rowdier edges.

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Opening with the cheerful 98, TOWNS flex their sharp melodics and upbeat punch, before leaning gleefully into a pop punk nostalgic singalong-fest via the criminally catchy Season 5 (Break My Fall). Up next, indie pop gem driving games shines with heartfelt harmonies and sturdy-yet-sparse beats, while Speak For Myself will plunge you headfirst back in time with a sunny, house-party ready anthem that brandishes the sharpness of earlier blink-182 with the airness of New Found Glory and similar vintage pop punk colourings. Take It As You May strips back via a more melancholic turn, with the track almost begging to be played during a heartbreaking montage in a 2000s indie rom com, while L.D.L.W rips off the roof and sells the TOWNS soul to more hardcore waters, blazing with chaotic riffs, raucous vocals, and spitfire rhythms. But it’s a sparkly note that Things You Might Feel Sometimes ultimately ends on, with TOWNS splicing hooks, driving basslines, and creamy instrumentation on closing track Okay, So.

Things You Might Feel Sometimes is a beautiful addition to 2022, beating with lo-fi charm and premium delivery. 

There’s an ingrained sense of familiarity and likeability on anything TOWNS seem to turn their hands to. And while their overarching sound may draw heavily on nostalgia and the (modern) golden age of pop punk, it’s almost impossible not to fall head over heels into their affable, earnest, and extremely well-crafted sonic world. Things You Might Feel Sometimes certainly welcomes listeners with open arms into Valladares and Steinert’s hearts and souls, and there’s a whole heap of magic lying in wait on this latest release from the Adelaide pair; a fact that will be unsurprising to anyone already familiar with the TOWNS wheelhouse. But whether you’re looking for ear candy with a brain, some tunes to soundtrack your summer, or just something to make you feel a bit better about the world, Things You Might Feel Sometimes is a beautiful addition to 2022, beating with lo-fi charm and premium delivery. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Season 5 (Break My Fall), Speak For Myself, L.D.L.W
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Catfish and the Bottlemen, blink-182, Beddy Rays

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