Iggy Pop and the Stooges

#THISWEEK // Our Top Ten Stories—9 February 2018

If you’re into Bitcoin and finance and stuff, this week global markets went into a bit of a tailspin. Bitcoin was at record highs of $19K last year, now they’re at about $10K. People rush to a market, try and drive up the price of the commodity, before all the speculation and overvaluation sends it crashing down around them. It happened in Holland during the Dutch tulip craze of the 17th century. The intrinsic value of Tulips reached such heights in Holland thanks to celebrities (the gentry) extolling the exotic wonder of tulips. Soon people realised spending houses worth of scratch on tulip bulbs was dumb, and the whole thing collapsed. So why doesn’t this happen in music?

To be fair, the value of music has plummeted thanks to its abundance and ease of access. If you don’t want to pay for music, you don’t have to. That’s to say nothing of acquiring it illegally. In alternative rock (as a broad term), the more bands there are the harder it is to rise to the top. The curious part is that bands aren’t just competing against their contemporaries, they’re competing against the past; the classic bands and party staples we’ve had on repeat for years. Festivals are reluctant to put up an act that isn’t a 100% lock to return an investment. That’s part of why headliners are fossilising before our eyes. Without one band to rally around—be it Iron Maiden for the metalheads, Rancid for the punks, or even a Grinspoon—what will the music market even look like in 20 years time? Youth nitro loses its fire each week Spotify refreshes its playlist. The divide isn’t generational, it’s cultural. The handheld and disposable cohort vs the die-hards, the headbangers in their subcompacts, the “I remember when I first heard …” storytellers.  I suppose we’ll see. Anyway, here’s our Top Ten:

1. “A Death Trip To Immortality” – Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power 45 Years On

It’s never too early for Iggy—one of the best retrospectives you’ll read … today.

2. Hockey Dad Are Up For a Blend Inn

Our review of our feature artists this week!

3. X Marks Hellions Posi Sweet Spot

How can you feel blue with Hellions on your side?

4. Grouplove? You Mean Like Fish In Water?

But no, they really are cool.

5. Cliff Burton Day! It’s OFFICIAL

Thank you based Alameda County (it’s where the Nuclear wessels are).

6. Paramore Get 80s On Your Asses

In Rose-Coloured Boy, NO nostalgia rock is left unpet.

7. Alpha Wolf Destroy On Their Mono Tour

As unfortunate as the drama was, their chops as performers are undeniable.

8. Tasmanians Calling Their Band Captives Was A Bold Move

Considering its history as a penal colony.

9. Scotty Russo And The Unwritten Law Of Takeovers

Actually we WANTED them to take over Hysteria Radio, lol.

10. The Amity Affliction Say Goodbye To Ryan Burt

After a year or so on hiatus, Burt gets back to friends and family to help his mental health.

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