run hysteria
run hysteria

RUNEveryone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer

22nd February, 2023

With no pun intended, Lochlan Watt hasn’t had the greatest run over the last few years.

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He no sooner got this musical project off the ground when he was stricken with the cancer that threatened more than just his career as one of the Australian metal scene’s more prominent individuals. Having come through the other side, Watt has filled the gaps in both his band and its name.

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R U N no longer, the act that delivered one of 2019’s most interesting works is now RUN, and Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer embodies the rage and frustration of Watt’s last four years. As thunderous as it is abrasive, this track offers no respite as the band unload wave after wave of crushing intensity.

… it’s been a tough few years for Lochlan Watt and Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer encapsulates all of it.

The pummelling drumming, vicious groove and dark-hearted blackened hardcore savagery is the perfect platform for Watt’s aggressive vocal array of snapping, snarling and bellowing. There’s simply no room for subtlety, unless it’s in the way his voice goes from caustic howl to ravenous shriek to a furious roar – it’s been a tough few years for Lochlan Watt and Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer encapsulates all of it.

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