Rogue HalfThe Middle Distance

4th November, 2022
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Adelaide’s Rogue Half has gone for gold on their polished new EP, The Middle Distance.

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Despite being just their second EP, it’s powered by a stadium-sized level of energy that rivals bands with decades of experience.

The Middle Distance champions a sound that’s admirably elastic. And within its seven tracks, it features dark, moody alt-rock, nods to the metal world and electronic and pop notes. Guitarist Sam Trott, drummer Lenny Fyfe-Sutcliffe and bassist Billy Bourne have done these different sounds justice while also proving they can deliver thudding drums, powerful riffs and innovative melodies. There’s also vocalist Matt Keal, who we’ll now be dubbing the lovechild of Lucas Woodland (Holding Absence) and Sam Carter (Architects), thanks to his propensity for epicness, emotion and a whole of heaviness. 

Rogue Half have raised the game and continued to expand their vision.

The band deserves a lot of applause here, but so does Chris Lalic (Windwaker), who produced, mixed and mastered The Middle Distance. With his help, Rogue Half have raised the game and continued to expand their vision. We spoke about how strong the EP was lyrically earlier this month (read here!), but we’ve got to call it out again. Generally, it’s pretty angsty, covering life’s rat race, toxic relationships, self-reflection and more. But we reckon our highlight is the inspirational Fever, which is all about battling through the bad and taking your life into your own hands. Ultimately, The Middle Distance has set Rogue Half on the path to greatness. There’s no doubt their next offering will be just as exciting. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Death Throes, Inside Out, Fever
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Windwaker, Holding Absence, Architects

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