PREMIERE: Throwaway // Return In Fiery Form On ‘Weight’

Sonic shapeshifters Throwaway have returned with their second EP, Weight, officially set to drop Friday, November 11th. 

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And it’s seen the band ramp up the ambition, championing an innovative blend of alt-rock, synth, pop and metalcore in its six tracks.

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Aside from its modern sound, the record also muses on a host of modern issues – including digital privacy (or the lack thereof in a social media powered world), conspiracy theories and mental health.

“As the title suggests this EP revolves around the theme of Weight, with each of the songs exploring a different feeling associated with weight,” says the band. 

Crisis is about the state of the world and how quickly everything can come undone due to one small decision. The weight of the world can really be in one person’s hands, where Bad Vibes is more about social standards and the weight of other people’s opinions. Pressure steps into the feeling of standards being set that feel unachievable, but not giving in to the voices telling you to give up. Gone Too Soon is all about the impact the loss of a loved one has on a person, a very heavy feeling that everyone has experienced at some point in their life. Throughout the entire listening experience Weight has to offer, there’s at least one song that everyone can relate to.”

Since starting out in 2015, the Adelaide/Tarndanya-based trio have released an EP, album, and even some singles. They’ve also won the Adelaide Uni People’s Choice Award twice and racked up 40,000 Spotify streams on their hit, Thrown Off Track.

Weight will officially hit your ears tomorrow (access here!). In the meantime, check it out below.

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