PREMIERE: RDHS // Burst On To The Scene With ‘What I Need’

Adelaide’s freshest hip-hop crew, RDHS has dropped their debut track What I Need, and it’s so fresh we have to call it fre. Because by the time we get to “sh” they’ve got something fresher.

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The fire video itself was produced by Daniel McPherson of MD Imagery, with the song produced by Hugh Atkinson of FXHND Audio Visual. It’s coming direct from their first ever EP Raw, dropping on every streaming service you can think of on the 3rd of October.

RDHS is a trio of hardened (er…) MCs—Krook, GoddBoy, and $kumlord—are getting all up in Adelaide’s business with their hardcore-inspired electro/trap hip-hop with a heavy party vibe. All veterans of the Adelaide heavy music scene, they turned their attention to hip-hop because, well, you tell me what other genre accepts big wearing dollar-sign chains and two girls on each arm as normal?

RDHS, short for Raw Dog Horror Show, was started more or less of a”joke”, hooking up with an old producer friend from their heavy music days to spit rhymes over beats.

“We’ve always been into hip hop and all that kind of thing so we were like, ‘Oh let’s give it a shot. Let’s do it.'”, Krook says. “[Our producer friend] made us a beat we really liked, and we went in there as a joke, got really drunk, and just started to rap along to the beat. It sounded pretty good so we just started doing it again and again and again and over time it took us maybe a year to finish seven songs.”

Things turned serious…well, serious enough, to take RDHS prime time with this single and video.

“It wasn’t until we got the beat for What I Need that we went ‘okay this is different. This could actually turn out to be something cool.’ We recorded the vocals on that and it started just coming together and it was a cool track. And when we finally got the final back we knew this is the one we wanted to do a video for, this is the one we wanted to have as our debut single. From being a joke and a bit of stuff around it turned into a pretty cool song.”

The video is a total rap cliché; shots of Grey Goose, a girl on each arm, and a mansion party gone wild. That’s by design. If it looks like they filmed at someone’s house, they did.

“The whole rap cliché thing was kind of on purpose,” Krook says. “I wouldn’t say really a piss take it was more just to kind of set the tone I guess. It’s a real party song, it’s a real party vibe, and we changed it up a bit. The color grading and all that kind of thing was really cool. And yeah we thought we would go with the kind of traditional party but our own little twist on it I guess and yeah just have fun. We just wanted to have fun with it. It’s a real fun song, so it’s a really fun music video, a real fun atmosphere, so yeah we kind of roll with it.”

First What I Need, then the other to-be-released songs on an upcoming EP titled Raw. What happens next?

“We’ll see the response for that and drop the EP, play some shows, and tour. Tour is the big one for us. I think we just want to go and play our music to a bunch of people outside of our home town and go out there, grow the brand, and yeah just have fun. We just want to put on a really kind of energetic live show and just get people into it if people like it.”

For more of what you need, RDHS is on Facebook and Instagram.

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