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PREMIERE: THE DAILY CHASE // Unveil Dazzling Video For New Single Feel Alive!

Adelaide metalcore renegades The Daily Chase have just dropped a film clip for Feel Alive.

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The track comes off the back of their 2018 E.P of the same title that already spawned two more singles and another music video. Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud has given The Daily Chase’s music multiple spins hyping-up Feel Alive on Wednesday night as well as giving airtime to their previous single The Void. 2018 was memorable for the band as they reached the milestone of getting played on over 50 radio stations around the country in addition to having their music premiered via Hysteria.

Feel Alive’s message of inner transformation is a powerful statement and is musically a heavy outpour of emotions by all five members of the band. The video is rich in aesthetics, from kaleidoscopic images to silhouetted live performance capturing the essence of their sonic rage whilst using bright colours and blossoming flowers to elaborate on the song’s idea of self-actualisation. This is just a taste of what’s to come as the band are currently writing new music for an album slated to come out later in the year.

Critics have praised the band for their unyielding production, mammoth vocals, epic guitar leads and choruses that hook the listener in straight away. For newcomers to The Daily Chase, this is your chance to discover what their tremendous creative expression is truly all about and the Crow-eater’s back catalogue. Feel Alive is now available to stream and download online in all the major outlets.

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