PREMIERE: BLAIRE // Prove They Are No Copycats With New Single ‘Mimer’

Built around heavily reverbed guitars and cutting drums, Blaire present Mimer which mixes their shoegaze sound with more poppy production.

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Building off the sound of shoegaze forerunners The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine and now showing tinges of influence of alt-rockers Tame Impala, Blaire presents a more polished production on new track Mimer.

With a swirling sound that encapsulates listeners with layered tracks of guitars and metronomic drumming being placed at the centre of the track, a sense of permanence is presented something Blaire frontman Ben Stagg aimed for.

Mimer takes a look at the idea of distance,” explains Stagg. “Whether that be a friend who lives far away, someone who’s passed, a favourite place, country, anything. It is a reflection on the fact that you can still feel whatever’s mission from you in a range of ways, and can be ‘mimed’ by something else.”

Sparked by the death of a family member, the track has a softer feeling compared to previous releases Stab and Youth as synthesisers underly heavily reverbed vocal in an ethereal wall of sound.

With support from influential local and national stations like triple j Unearthed and 4ZZZ, and features on medians like Destroy//Exist, AAA Backstage and Savage Thrills, there’s a high chance this won’t be the last time you hear of Mimer.

Listen to Blaire’s new single Mimer below.

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