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11th June, 2021
Metalcore Madness

It’s a stark contrast finding a song that doesn’t falter it’s aggression for the entire four minutes while the video is more of a party atmosphere.

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By conveying rave-esque neon lighting, Deadline feels more like a video you may find in The Weeknd’s catalogue, meaning it’s a massive departure from prominent settings that have become a music video cliche used to convey the edginess of metal bands.

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Alienist don’t need to shoot their clip in a factory or wreck yard to highlight their brutality, they instead let the music speak for itself. As found in songs like Lamb Of God’s Walk With Me In Hell; Deadline catapults straight in, immediately commandeering your attention. The frenetic introduction is delivered in such a fashion that almost gives the impression that the song has already been going for a minute or so before you have turned it on.

It’s metal as it should be; high stakes.

It’s metal as it should be; high stakes. Maintaining the intensity of acts like Gideon and Wage War for the first half, Deadline see’s a shift in it’s sound towards the bridge, which intertwines more melodic and emotional moments fuelled by dual vocal harmonies giving off a Plagues era The Devil Wears Prada sensibility. By combining neon lights, impressive circular pans and the group’s catchiest song to date, the new Deadline video will be sure to grab your attention when it pops up on Rage. 

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