NASCAR ALOE // Beneath the Concrete Jungle

Los Angeles based hardcore rapper Nascar Aloe has been welcomed to the roster of Epitaph Records with his contrasting blend of genres that will be spicing up the airwaves.

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In contrast to his punk aesthetic, Nascar Aloe’s musical style has been formulated around thumping 808 beats and raps that are fierce enough to cut through the transient waves of electronic effects within his catalogue.

The wide range of genres in which Nascar Aloe’s style combines makes it hard to place the rapper under one umbrella, or to label him as one thing or another; other than a punk as fuck hip-hopper who is pushing the normalities of what may be commonly seen within the two contrasting styles of punk and hip-hop. When thinking of  Nascar Aloe as an artist, it’s hard to think of other artists who could be comparable; potentially Hollywood Undead or The Prodigy, though even then that could be deemed as a far stretch.

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With the release of Nascar Aloe’s latest track, titled IRAQ (IWRECK) on 17th January, being his first to come out through Epitaph Records, it’s been quickly snavelling up views on YouTube with the video clip shining light on the intensity of Nascar Aloe’s demeanour in all but 76 seconds. Capturing an evening in the underground, the video begins with an overview of the city before lingering in Nascar Aloe’s room, then driving the streets before we arrive at the destination of his gig where we see his true punk nature come alive and thrive behind the microphone. The rawness of the video clip captures the intensity of the crowd and Nascar Aloe’s passion as he lands a stage dive into their hungry hands, providing us with a snippet of his liveliness and the powerful energies that arise with his presence.

As for his introduction to Epitaph Records, it seems safe to say that things are only going to get wilder in the underground of LA.

Download/Stream Nascar Aloe’s Iraq (Wreck) Here.

Jetboys Brisbane 21st February 2020

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