of mice and men hysteria
of mice and men hysteria

Of Mice & MenTimeless (EP)

SharpTone Records
26th February, 2021

Long gone are the days of straightened black hair and breakdowns galore. If you didn’t get the message from Defy and Earthandsky, Of Mice & Men’s latest EP Timeless shows clear as day that the Californian metal outfit have long shed their former post-hardcore label, with this three-track effort just another small taste of the band’s new direction.

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A bite-sized continuation of the more melodic, modern-metal sound captured on the band’s sixth studio album, 2019’s Earthandsky; Timeless is a clear push to a slightly more experimental sound within the band’s proven metal formula, incorporating some unfamiliar elements alongside that classic OM&M sound.

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Lead single Obsolete, while being the catchiest, most hook-heavy song on the EP, introduces some moody strings over a funky bass interlude in the song’s bridge, giving listeners just a hint of a new era in between the band’s characteristic anthemic riffs. While still capturing a very classic heavy sound, Obsolete clearly encapsulates the band’s shift away from more breakdown-driven metalcore into the modern metal madness they operate in today.

Timeless is a clear indication of the band’s willingness to grow and change six albums into their career: sacrificing their crabcore-adjacent roots for a more mature touchstone to their sound moving forward.

Title track Timeless has a much more ambient, heavily melodic feeling to it, with some progressive, layered guitar parts peaking into the more pronounced instrumentals of the verse and chorus. Though it shows a new edge to the heavy band, Timeless still manages to show off Of Mice & Men’s talent for hooking in listeners with a catchy metal chorus, paired with a toe-tapping riff to carry the weight of the track. The most interesting and experimental track of the three-track record is the closing song and last to be released, Anchor. Despite opening on the most bone-shaking riff of the EP, this glimpse of the band’s heavier side quickly gives way into a sullener, bass-and-synth driven melody easing listeners into the verse. While they haven’t quite hit radio-rock yet, the track ebbs and flows between the band’s traditional aggression and a more unfamiliar lighter side; perhaps hinting to a greater shift in their sound on the horizon.

of mice and men hysteria

Though Timeless is a short and sweet EP, this three-track belter still flows effortlessly as a complete release. The mixing between the three tracks bleeds each one into the next like one complete piece of music, taking listeners on a trip from hard and fast to something more mysterious and atmospheric. Each track is driven by kick-ass riffs and Aaron Pauley’s anthemic lead vocals, who is confidently carrying vocal duties for the band after two full releases on frontman duty. While harsh vocals are still absolutely a part of Timeless, they fall more to the sidelines, while Pauley’s rocking clean vocals take centre stage; proving a strong lyrical driving force from track to track. While there’s no doubt that Of Mice & Men are maintaining their heavy sound, Timeless is a clear indication of the band’s willingness to grow and change six albums into their career: sacrificing their crabcore-adjacent roots for a more mature touchstone to their sound moving forward.

The old Of Mice & Men are dead; and long live the Timeless Of Mice & Men!

STANDOUT TRACKS: Obsolete, Anchor
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Architects, Miss May I, Parkway Drive

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