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LIQUID TIME // Dreamy Rock Vibes From Sydney

Liquid Time, the Northern Beaches surf-rockers, have just released Heads Heart, the second single off their upcoming EP, Living.

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It’s a super chilled, surfer psych-rock track, that is accompanied by a stunning visual film clip. Hysteria had a chat with vocalist and guitarist Lewis Miles about the single, the EP and their plans for the rest of 2019.

Taking their name from a surf documentary, Liquid Time hail from the Avalon area of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The five mates, who have known each other since high school, have been jamming and gigging together for some time now, and while they have taken things at their own pace for the last few years, they are ready to kick things up a notch and release their debut EP.

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“Everything always seems to take ages with us!” Miles laughs, joking about why it took the band so long to release their first record.

It’s that classic, laidback surfer vibe though, that allowed Liquid Time to really work on their music and to ensure that everything was perfect before they released it. But, there were also a few small setbacks that didn’t help along the way, like the band’s first few recorded tracks being accidentally deleted from existence after their first time in the studio.

“The first time around when we were in the studio, and we had material for an EP. But we had a couple of songs get deleted! So that was a huge setback,” Miles says of the stress that caused. “So we just put out a couple of singles. But this time around we were really lucky to get to record with Wade, the bass player from The Polish Club. He is such a talented guy and we we’re really lucky to go into the studio with him and it just felt right to do these songs as an EP with him,” explains Miles.

I remember seeing an interview with Boy Pablo and he was saying how he writes these love songs that aren’t actually about other people, but about things. Like he wrote a love song about his X-Box or something!
[ Lewis Miles ]

And while the deletion of tracks was a huge setback for the band, they still managed to salvage at least one single for release—the tune Faultline“The first song that we released, Faultline, is just the recording from the studio. We couldn’t get it mixed or anything, that’s just IT,” Miles explains. “But the other two songs we had, they were just gone. So we just had no choice but to do them again,” he continues.

But for the nightmarish incident in the studio, Liquid Time took it all in their stride and have now got Living, their debut EP, recorded and ready to go, with the EP featuring brand new tracks for their growing fan base. And even as laidback as the band is, Miles believes that they will be ready to head back into the studio before the year is out. “We are planning on getting back into the studio by the end of the year and we could do an album, the songs are there, but it will probably be another EP I’d say,” Miles says of the amount of material they have prepared.

This drive to get back into the studio so soon is a good sign for fans, especially as the tracks that Liquid Time are releasing are getting some good attention. They are penning dreamy, soft numbers about love and heartbreak that just conjure images of lazy summer days at the beach. Even tackling heavier issues like anxiety, which is specifically in their latest single Heads Heart, the song is very mellow, taking a more relaxed cathartic approach to the topic. Heads Heart is an older song, about being with someone and that person making you super anxious and thinking with your head and not your heart,” Miles explains of the track and the lyrical content. 

“I’m always writing about love songs,” he laughs. “Except for Living. Living is actually about not being able to write a song! A lot of it is love songs though. I remember seeing an interview with Boy Pablo and he was saying how he writes these love songs that aren’t actually about other people, but about things. Like he wrote a love song about his X-Box or something!” he laughs. “So I was super inspired by that and now I try and pick things I can write love songs about,” he continues.

Liquid Time have also recently dropped a video for Heads Heart, which is quite a stunning visual clip, put together by their friend Mitch Payne. “We gave Mitch the song and he was frothing, telling us he had a heap of footage he could use where there are food dyes mixed with oil and milk. It really turned out to be quite powerful,” he says.

Liquid Time are hitting the road this month, with a mini-tour planned in NSW. They hope they can get out of the state soon though, to make it up to QLD and down to Victoria, but like most independent bands, finding the time and funds sometimes make that a bit hard.

“We wanted too! But we are all just so broke! We definitely want to get to one or the other sometime soon though,” says Miles.

So if you’re in Sydney or Wollongong, be sure to catch Liquid Time at the dates below, and in the meantime, pick up a copy of Living and lose yourself in the melodies while dreaming of the summer days ahead.

Catch Liquid Time at the following dates:

SYDNEY // Saturday 5 October // Slyfox
SYDNEY // Saturday 12 October // Yulli’s Brews
WOLLONGONG // Sunday 27 October // North Wollongong Hotel

Purchase/Stream Liquid Time’s new single Living here.

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