the lazy susans hysteria
lazy susans hysteria

The Lazy SusansNow That The Party’s Over

Resist Records
2 August, 2019
Great Potential

Another band taking the “are you okay” approach in their theme, The Lazy Susans relay very personal stories across some pretty standard indie vibes in their debut album Now That The Party’s Over–but will this effort help them get through to anyone?

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It’s all pretty humdrum. The Lazy Susans seem to be tentatively dipping their toes in the water, preferring to play it safe and not really let loose and tell it how it is–how are they really feeling? Where’s the angst and turmoil in the noise they make? It’s possible to get aggro in indie, but The Lazy Susans seem to play it safe through much of the first half of this pretty long album.

With a beautiful sorrow, If I Hurt You is likely The Lazy Susans most sonically interesting offering, pulsating rhythms and heavy drums creating a kaleidoscope of emotion, mixing it up with some pretty dainty yet impactful backing vocals. This song in particular adds a sweet complexity to some damning subject matter.

There’s certainly nods to a unique potential in this release. Once The Lazy Susans step into a confidence they may not know they’ve discovered, tracks like Nice Bones, You Ask Me, and Wasted, teeter on the edge of something wonderful, the tone of the band as captivating as the music of Bush circa Glycerine.

It’s easy to understand The Lazy Susans had the best intentions in writing an album that tackles some heavy topics, but did the whole thing have to be completely dreary? That being said, given how they dance on the cusp of excellent indie dashed with a hint of shoegaze, it’s easy to understand The Lazy Susans have great potential.

STANDOUT TRACKS: If I Hurt You, Party, Care About Yourself, R U Ok
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