The Big Pineapple Festival is just around the corner and it features a fairly stacked line up of Australian talent.

For those gracing the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for the festival they can expect a damn good event which recently saw them take out Best Festival at the Queensland Music Awards. With a big roster of artists and multiple stages we thought for those of the loud music inclination we should narrow it down to the top 8 bands you should see. We’ll start with some of the up and comers who deserve your attention before arriving at the groups that really, it’s a no-brainer to see.

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This group hailing from Rockhampton are good old indie punk fun. They are a part of Ratbag Records, the Dune Rats’ every growing label of hellraisers and have put out 2 solid EPs in the last few years. The band have been playing nearly constantly all over the state supporting acts like Dune Rats and The Rubens but are also pulling crowds for their own solo shows. They have brought some clear indie vibes to their punk fundamentals making it a bit more of a fun lighter sound and are reminiscent of bands like Skegss. You get a feeling of optimism with this group and it’s likely their accessible brand of good time sounds will make them blow up soon, so make sure you get down to see them. They are playing an earlier slot at 12:15pm and are probably the right band to get started with as their youthful energy will definitely bring some good vibes for the rest of your day.


The Vanns have really established themselves as a indie rock group that can command a stage and get a crowd moving. The Vanns know what they are about and give you bluesy catchy riffs, big sing a long choruses and a bunch of fun dance about tracks. The group started in 2012 on the southern coast of New South Wales and give off a Arctic Monkeys/Vampire Weekend type of a sound that it’s pretty hard to not be entertained by. With an EP released last year that saw them refine their sound and amp up the production elements, whatever they are recording currently is going to be a big moment for the band. They are a seasoned live act and have been on tours around the country supporting artists like Kingswood and The Delta Riggs. You can expect a solid and fun performance from them at 12:50pm so if you like to dance to your flavour of rock this is a band for you.


If you like to say Groovy a lot, chances are you’ll love Hobo Magic. This group likes it full of big heavy rock and roll riffs and mix it with a psychedelic exploration. It definitely has an old school vibe of heavy 70s rock and roll and you could imagine them in the background of Almost Famous nearly seamlessly. If you’re a fan of the thousands of ways to categorise and spin off metal, Stoner Doom has definitely been thrown around when describing Hobo Magic. There is insane use of bass, incredible use of drums, long winding songs full of different time signatures and did I mention groovy riffs? The band out of Noosa in Queensland are a lot of fun and if you want to as they say ‘praise the holy riff’ with some head banging by all means check them out. They are playing at 4:25pm and I’m sure the timing is pure coincidence but this outfit, riding the wave of good vibes from last years album The World Today are definitely worth a watch.


Sometimes your preconceived notions about a band can be completely wrong. It could be the way they look, the track titles or even the band name that leads you up a path that eventually you get surprised when you hear their music. None of that is the case with Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. If you like psychedelic rock than PPC are quite simply the band for you. They are electric and doing really well harnessing all the elements of psychedelia with their own brand of grungy stylings to create their own sound. It’s lots of distortion on the guitars, long winding songs and lyrics that are just waxing lyrical.  They are so damn good and easily transport you to a place of head banging along to shredding guitar solos and wild dance moves. They are playing at 8:10pm which is some tough decisions to make but if you like your rock with a touch of psychedelic then make sure you catch this act.


Cog are a band that have been around for a good while and are a mainstay of the prog rock scene in Australia. Forming 20 years ago and only recently returning from hiatus Cog are definitely a band you should try and sneak a look at. They are releasing an album this year titled The Middle and it has been a decade since their last album Sharing Space. They have an ardent fan base and expect to see a very dedicated audience that are literally drooling with excitement about them touring again and releasing new music. They have been a big mover in alternative rock in Australia and will seek to bring in a bunch of new fans with their new stuff. Playing a bit earlier at 3:25pm it would be a good idea for old fans and new to get down to this set.


These Western Australian legends have been playing up a storm over the last year after the release of their debut full length album Dumb Days. Tired Lion are damn exciting and have made consistently good moves from their 2015 Unearthed Artist of the Year award. Their debut album had big hits as Sophie Hopes vocals can be that alluring sirens call before cutting you with that edge in her voice that really hits you hard. The riffs are dirty and sharp and can get you bobbing your head to nearly every song they have in their arsenal. After just losing their long time guitarist Matt Tanner in March due to personal reasons it will be interesting to see what this outfit do. But, rest assured they will produce a fun set that is definitely worth you getting down to.


Ah, the Dunies. This raggedy group of good time bandits have been trailblazing for a few years and are definitely an act to look forward to. Last year their album The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit did extremely well. It was a well polished album that harnessed all their wildness and unbridled fun but in a very neat way. It was a clear indication that while Dune Rats are here to have fun and play party music they take what they do damn seriously. Their shows are impressive as they produce a massive amount of energy and effectively draw the same amount from the crowd. It’s no secret that Dune Rats are a exciting band to watch and if you want to party, jump up and down and get sweaty … really there is no one better to do it to.


There is no convincing argument to position here because you really don’t need to be convinced. It’s Violent freaking Soho. They are one of the top bands in Australia at the moment and a key instrument in the hard rock revival of the last few years. The Mansfield crew have not played a show since their sell out Christmas gigs and will be insanely hungry to get back out there. There shows are massive, with crowds all screaming and jumping in unison as they cover their extensive catalogue fo hits. You’ll see a mix of diehard fans who have been there since 2010 and some who have just stopped by to scream “Hell F**k Yeah”. After over a decade of hard work this band are in their prime and not to be missed. They’re well rested and simply the best in the game right now.

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