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CURSED EARTH // Issue Statement Regarding Jazmine Luders

Perth metalcore group Cursed Earth have posted a lengthy statement detailing the lead-up to now former vocalist Jazmine Luders’ dismissal from the band.

The statement, posted on Facebook today, shows that Luders violated an agreement between herself and the band, a “condition that she follow a clear set of boundaries on her personal behaviour in future relationships,” the statement reads.

“In 2015/2016 Jazmine was involved in a deeply dysfunctional and abusive relationship. Both girls were very often emotionally and verbally abusive to each other. During this time we saw Jaz being physically attacked by her partner on multiple occasions, we came to the conclusion that while she was guilty of unacceptable and hurtful behaviour, she was also a victim of violence. At this stage, we don’t trust either of the people involved to tell a complete recollection of the story but we can offer that we have never seen Jazmine instigate physical violence.”

According to the band, Luders began associating with her former partner in January 2018. The fallout, in the band’s view, caused accusations of abuse to surface, some of which were supplied to us via anonymous sources. The band continues:

“This seems to us to be designed to hurt Jaz and is an extension of the abusive nature of that relationship. We were also made aware of verbally abusive behaviour to a mutual friend that breached these boundaries so the decision was made the move on without her.”

Luders also released her own statement (which you may read in full below):

“In light of the recent allegations against me, I would like to state that the information provided has not been full or accurate. To provide all context necessary would be to divulge more aspects of my personal life, especially that surrounding my mental health and subsequent mismanagement of it, and the involved parties lives, then I am comfortable in disclosing publicly.

“Over the last few weeks I have taken time to step away from a lot of negative influences and reflected on my actions. Looking back on the last few years from a position of clear, level headedness and mental stability (something I have not possessed for a long time), I can see that my reactions to hardships in my life have at times been unacceptable and damaging to the people around me. Some of my relationships have been pushing me towards positive outcomes that I was unable to see or pursue, while others were actively isolating and driving me into darker places. I have chosen now to take accountability. Where possible and appropriate, I have made an effort to apologise for my behaviour and mend my relationships with those effected. This has been a humbling and eye opening experience but one that has been necessary for my own self improvement and growth.

The boys in Cursed Earth have been very supportive over the last few years getting me to a space with my mental health where I am capable of talking of these issues candidly. I regret that this has proven very costly to their growth and progress. Whilst we have chosen to part ways, we harbour no ill will towards each other.”

Luders did not make a scheduled appearance with Cursed Earth at UNIFY 2018, with Aversions Crown vocalist Mark Poida filling in her stead.

Cursed Earth also dropped out of their Download Australia commitments, unable to perform without a vocalist.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual violence, reach out for support by calling 1800 RESPECT.

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