CURSED EARTH // Drop Out of Download Festival

Perth metalcore act Cursed Earth has officially withdrawn from March’s Download Festival, citing a lack of vocalist leaving them unable to perform.

“At this stage we have chosen to withdraw from Download Australia. We are currently without a vocalist and as such, unable to perform to the best of our ability,” a statement reads on Facebook.

“Statement regarding our vocalist to come over the next few days, we appreciate your patience in this matter. We sincerely apologize to anybody that was hoping to see us and we’ll be doing everything we can to make it up later in 2018.”

This is also the first statement by the band on official channels since December of last year.

Cursed Earth took to the UNIFY 2018 stage without vocalist Jazmine Luders, leaving Mark Poida of fellow metalcore band Aversions Crown to fill in on her behalf.

Hysteria broke news of allegations of abuse and harassment levelled at Luders by a former partner in January.

Cursed Earth was a breakout in the metalcore scene last year, releasing their acclaimed two part Cycles of Grief EPs.

More to come.

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