BRING ME THE HORIZON // Calling The ‘Mantra’ Hotline

You didn’t think the UK would have all the fun did you? After hearing sweet F all about any new music from the Sheffield lads, we may just have new music on the *ugh* horizon.

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Bring Me The Horizon fan accounts have been posting about mysterious posters asking: “DO YOU WANNA START A CULT WITH ME?” that feature the band’s familiar ‘Antivist’ symbol and a call centre number. Unfortunately it’s only accessible in the UK, but posters have been spotted around Sydney bearing a similar message.

After calling the Australian hotline, Hysteria were treated to a greeting of pleasant, calming hold music and “Welcome to Mantra: you are currently number 29 in the queue.”

After time on hold, distorted voices begin entering the call and morphing with the hold music. The hold line continuously brings out lines such as: “Mantra: Don’t think. Don’t question. Just believe.”; “Welcome to Mantra: you are number 17 in the queue.”; “Mantra: we live where we stand.” And amusingly: “Mantra: Because consciousness is not only that annoying c*nt between naps.”

After reaching “Number 11 in the queue”, demonic noises and growling begin. Eventually we’re transferred to a customer service representative who asks our first name. After a pause, she asks to wait on hold again. However, this is cut short and she whispers frenziedly: “They’re making us do things, things we don’t want to do. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Please help.”

A chopped up snippet of what we assume is their new single begins and it’s unmistakably Sykes’ voice in the mix. An emergency siren sounds, and we’re cut off.

Heading to the website: brings up what appears to be a typical religious seminar… until we reach the bottom and see “And all we tell you now is that you can be free. But first, we must piss you off. Salvation will return. 21 August 2018.”

Pencil the date in folks because the Bring Me hype machine has begun whirring again…

Halloween Hysteria 27 October 2018

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