Beach Slang (Quiet Slang)Everything Matters But No One is Listening

Dew Process/Universal Music Australia
18 May, 2018
Fragile compositions

Those of us who listen to rock music are often accustomed to the musical diet of loud drums, bass and souring guitar solos but if you were to strip away all these ingredients what you are left with are just fragile compositions that almost feel as if they have no clothes on and free the artist to bare all.

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Beach Slang’s James Alex has stripped away all of the amplification of his previous rock albums and is now going under the moniker of Quiet Slang for a debut album release titled Everything Matters But No One Is Listening exemplifying the contrasting approach in style of Beach Slang’s more straight forward alt rock sound.

Each song is fragile and composed with a slight melancholic feel.

Alex’s choices of instruments are acoustic piano and cello accompanied with his arresting singing vocals and emotive lyrics. Fans of Beach Slang will already have had a taste of Quiet Slang’s 2017 covers E.P We Were Babies, We Were Dirtbags.

Each song is fragile and composed with a slight melancholic feel. The only downfall of Quiet Slang’s direction is that you’re getting 10 songs that sound all very much alike and therefore the listener is not getting any variety. Alex just sticks to the same themes relentlessly and would greatly benefit from adding a song or two with a different instrument or a lyric that wasn’t just indulging in the same old subject of unrequited love and loneliness, it all gets a bit clichéd right down to the use of reverse tape loops. James Alex certainly knows how to craft a beautiful song but he seems to get a bit stuck and maybe he should have added more variety to Quiet Slang’s repertoire before attempting an entire album of original compositions.

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