BARE BONES & VILIFY // Review Each Other

There’s something in the water in New South Wales, home to hardcore powerhouse quartet Bare Bones and seering metal outfit Vilify.

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With both bands recently shedding some of their strongest tunes yet, the pair have joined forces for a short stint across the East Coast in November. Visiting Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Newcastle, Bare Bones set out to launch their brand new self-titled EP, out everywhere this Friday, with support from friends in Vilify, who will launch their latest single Dread Addict live for the first time. 

In preparation for the tour ahead, Vilify and Bare Bones spent some time with each other’s latest singles to share their thoughts. Read below as Vilify review Bare Bones King Death and Bare Bones dive into Vilify’s Dread Addict.

mudvayne hysteria

BARE BONES King Death Single Review By Vilify:

Kieran JacksonAs a long time fan of Bare Bones, King Death is exactly what I imagine when I think of Bare Bones. They have a way of making their songs something for everyone. It’s heavy but crystal clear, it’s angry but fun, everything has its place and this means you never stop banging your head. It’s a real toe tapper. King Death will rip live, just like the video shows, expect to hear HUGE tones coming from REAL amps, none of this digital nonsense.

Deni Hourihan Wow, what a monster track from start to finish! I love the catchy guitar hooks, vocal phrases and the all-out onslaught on this one. AND, how good is the southern style breakdown at the end?! What a great track. The video also brings something fresh with its nostalgic black and white vibe. Bare Bones have done a great job of bringing in new and modern elements to the otherwise throwback style video. It really adds to the dimension of the song, and I can’t wait to see how they perform it live! Well done Bare Bones! 

This song radiates beat-the-living-fuck-out-of-your-friends energy. Riffs on riffs. Love it.
[ Amy Mcintosh – Villify ]

Lizi BlancoKing Death is Pure Attitude. The type of song I’d listen to at a playground whilst I yeet a kid off the slide with my platforms and steal his candy. Video review – Why isn’t there more Chrissy B?

Amy Mcintosh This song radiates beat-the-living-fuck-out-of-your-friends energy. Riffs on riffs. Love it. I wish I could tell you how the song ends but that last breakdown made me bang my head so hard my neck snapped and those lows melted my face off. I will be suing Bare Bones for medical expenses and compensation.

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VILIFY Dread Addict Review By Bare Bones:

Tom KennedyHeavy, Groovy, and Venomous. Dread Addict has you hooked from the rip. An intro I dare you to not to move your head to. The use of dynamics in the verse gives the track room to breathe for Amy’s flow and phrasing which is gritty, powerful and dope as hell, it compliments the venom of the lyrics super well. The chorus is anthemic and catchy without losing any of the aggression set up throughout the song. I’ve got it stuck in my head already, and with not 1 but 2 sick breakdowns … I’ll see you all in the pit. 

And you know that breakdown played live is going to send heads to the hospital.
[ James Dean – Bare Bones ]

James DeanThe main riff of Dread Addict is so sick, that drawn out bend gives me mad KornUntouchables-era vibes, which is sick. I love how the chorus manages to be melodic while not relenting at all. And you know that breakdown played live is going to send heads to the hospital. As for the video clip, I love that they took a relatively simplistic concept and really brought it to life. Never thought a balloon could be such a devious antagonist! Vilify! Oooft, these guys are the next big thing, calling it now.

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