BAD COP / BAD COP // Not Letting Hate Stop Them

Hailing from SoCal, Bad Cop/Bad Cop were born and raised in the cultural hotbed of punk rock.

So, it should come as no surprise that the band has managed to embody all the classic elements of the genre, while bringing in a fresh take on the sound, steering it into new territory. Their latest album, Warriors, is a shining beacon of things to come for the genre. That is, a gender inclusive, all encompassing community that isn’t afraid to hold up a mirror to both society and our leaders. The battle we bring this show down under is part of Download Festival. But, ahead of their arrival, we spoke with guitarist and vocalist, Jennie.

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While the band are excited for their inaugural run of Australian stages, “This is like a dream” Jennie says. they’re keeping cautiously optimistic about what to expect upon their arrival.  
“This is like a dream. I kind of feel like we’re just hoping it goes well, you know what I mean? Like, we’re excited and we’re going. So, that’s everything that we can do other than … I don’t know …  Keep Yelling” she adds, as a directive to their swelling Australian fan base to make more noise for the band.

The band will be bringing with them their current record, Warriors. Having been spun by fans and critics for a few months now, with plenty of feedback, the band have an all-encompassing perspective on the album and how it all went down. “It was rough making it.” Jennie begins, “There was a lot of production, going back and forth, which is good in the end, but at the time it was like, “Oh my God. Let’s just be done with this thing.”

 It’s like we’re living in a time of constant backlash
[ Jennie ]

“We were really kind of excited and nervous about it. And then one thing I think is cool is that, we thought it would be maybe even a little bit controversial for the people that listen to our genre of music, but it’s just so relevant and it’s not even worth mentioning, and I think that’s really cool. The conversations that we wanted to have with people are going on independently, it’s just a good feeling.”

Informed by the current political and social dramas capturing the attention of the world, Jennie and co. were expecting a fair amount of push back to the themes of equality on the record and unfortunately rightly so. This is something Jennie reflects on still.  

“We were recording just after our presidential election and that’s really an ugly time always, but it was exceptionally ugly. And then I just think of the list of ingredients. This heightened social media stuff and it’s like we’re living in a time of constant backlash, anybody says anything and it’s like, “Oh my God. Now we have to hear what everybody thinks about, nine different points of contention and disagreements that they have,” and it’s stifling sometimes. I think we were expecting to get a lot of shit from people for this theme. Like a feminist record and really about self empowerment, but the truth is, people are going to hate anything that you make, but then other people are going to love it. So, it shouldn’t stop you.”

“Thank God we didn’t make a party record. You know what I mean?” Jennie jokes, ponding the various alternative routes the album could have taken. “…This time” she adds.

BAD COP / BAD COP Play Download Festival This Saturday, Tickets Available Here.

Bad Cop / Bad Cop will also be playing the following Download Sideshows with NOFX, Hot Water Music and Dad Religion

Thursday March 22, Riverstage, Brisbane QLD
Friday March 23, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney NSW

Tickets available here.

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